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The Vistaprint 'Incident'...

Late 2017 and a standard flight in the picturesque North Wales countryside (Berwyn near Llangollen to be exact) seemed like a nice way to spend the pleasant weather.

Little did the men in the photo know, but this perfect afternoon out would take a dramatic turn.

This story is best told in the email exchange that followed later that week. My esteemed colleague Ian Young emailed Vistaprint Customer Services...

Yeah, I don't know why he starts emails like he's writing a letter to the council in the 1950s.

Photo of Ian and said banner:

We continue...

Tense isn't it? You'll notice in this next passage, that Ian tries to allocate blame before the event:

Sad face :-(

And then, the sad aftermath:

We'd briefly discussed sending this email on the drive back home. I'll not lie, the question "Was the delivery of the banner tracked?" was asked. But between us, we decided honesty was the best policy.

I think the best we hoped for was maybe a reply from Vistaprint offering us a bit of a discount. Later that day, Ian received a call and an email response:

Wow! What an amazing reply. Ian made this lovely fella smile, so he was shipping us a replacement banner for free.

But he didn't stop there...

Well, everyone wants to hear the words 'our best discount code'.

Raed was clearly our new best friend. All this almost made the whole experience worthwhile. What we lost in a banner, our dignity, walking shoes and a pair of jeans (Ian), we gained in a new friend, a replacement banner and the knowledge that an otherwise dull Customer Service office was brightened ever-so-slightly by our humorous tale.

Ian thanked Raed and the team at Vistaprint. We can confirm that they have been good to their word and we've since made further purchases using the 'best discount code' ever!

If you've enjoyed reading our story and laughing at us, please share it so that others can benefit from our afternoon of misery (and laugh at us).

Let this post also serve as a warning to all of the dangers of the riverbank, let's hope you too don't suffer the loss of a treasured banner or other recently purchased promotional material.


It was definitely Ian's fault.

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