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Creating and Setting Up AI Drone Photography

When Ian first said that he had a 'brilliant business idea' for me, I was well-prepared for another gem along the lines of previous ideas which have included Soupa Kitchen™, selling second hand PlayStation games on eBay and drop-shipping Limited Edition versions of Monopoly.

This time it was something a bit different. We'd need to buy a drone, learn how to fly it and get permission to fly it commercially. Our other halves were predictably cynical and were not abated with the mitigation "If it doesn't work, worst case scenario is that we'll have a drone".

Once we decided to push ahead with this and put our money in, we put together a Todoist list of tasks which we needed to complete. Highlights of this list show you a high-level view of what was involved.

  • Buy a Drone - the most interesting bit. We decided on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and we haven't regretted it.

  • Business Plan & Cashflow - creating these documents gave us confidence we could actually do this.

  • Company Name & Registration - Ian's partner Kate is to thank/blame for the name. AI Drone Photography LLP was born.

  • Create Social Media Accounts - from the off we knew we wanted our company to offer a better service to our customers and be the best, most approachable company.

  • Build Our Website - with my experience, this is something I led, but what would we build? We'll cover this in a future blog post.

  • Obtain Permission for Commercial Operation - in the UK, in order to fly a drone for commercial reasons, a PfCO is required from the Civil Aviation Authority. We completed our residential course with Drone Pilot Academy, who we'd thoroughly recommend.

  • Start Shooting with Our Drone.

We're still very early in the life of our company and we really hope you find something for your on our website www.aidronephotography.co.uk.


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