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Caught on Camera

The last blog post was about how police should and will be given more powers to effectively police the use and misuse of drones. This post shows that in some cases, criminal misuse of drones is done with such stupidity, people are being caught without the additional powers.

A well-known and predictable criminal practice using drones is the act of using a drone to fly in and out contraband from prisons. Being able to pilot from a secret location and make repeated trips in and out of prisons if undetected is a tempting proposition for you average criminal.

Naturally, they regularly lose their drone and/or get caught. Did you know that crashed drones often reveal information about the pilot that leads to a successful conviction? Meaning if police have your drone, they may well have you very shortly.

The pair in this video had the unusual pleasure of having their launch location filmed by local police using motion-detecting nature cameras. Clearly, they didn't conduct sufficient pre-flight checks...


P.S. there's a couple of videos on that thread on BBC News that are worth a watch:

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