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There is no such thing as a stupid question, or so our teachers used to say.  But as we’ve grown up, we’ve come to realise that there are literally millions of stupid questions out there.

At AI Drone Photography, we don’t care what your question is, we just want you to ask it.


We want our customers to make informed decisions and to be delighted with our services.  So, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions. After reading them, we hope that you have a good idea of how we professionally conduct our business.


If there’s anything else you need to know, use the Contact page and ask us anything.  If we think your question will help others, then we'll add it to this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment & Fees

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. Never. Nil. None whatsoever. We pride ourselves on our openness and honesty with our customers. At the same time, we want to be thorough and comprehensive in our work. This is why we don’t accept immediate payment via the website.
We may have to send some questions back and forth before we accept a booking. This is to better understand the location, your expectations, the time it will take and the skills required from us. This ultimately ensures that we can provide you with the most accurate quote from the outset with no hidden extras. To help us out, we kindly ask our customers to be honest with us too.

Do I have to pay your travel expenses?

Not usually. 99% of our work will be in our standard geographical areas listed within this FAQ and therefore covered within our standard pricing schemes. If we do need to charge extra for travelling, then it will be calculated on a case-by-case basis and we will be open and honest with you from the outset about this. If you are requesting our services further afield (because we really are that good!) and we need to stay over for a night or two, then we’ll tell you this from the start and it will always be included in the price. In these circumstances, we are simple people, and the cheapest Travelodge or Holiday Inn will always do for us 😀.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do offer a 10% discount for Residential Photography to those members of the Emergency Services. So if you can prove to us that you are a member of the Police, Fire or Ambulance services, then please enjoy 10% off our prices. Please note, that sixteenth cousin twice removed does not count, and it will ultimately up to AI Drone Photography whether you are eligible for the discount or not.

Do I have to pay immediately?

Not at all. Once your booking has been assessed and accepted by all parties, an invoice be generated and sent over to you. You can pay in one lump sum, or a bit at a time. The only stipulation we have, is that only when the full amount has been settled, will we attend and conduct the necessary flights.

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

You will struggle to find a drone company more flexible than us! If you want to cancel your order for any reason whatsoever and no monies have been transferred, then please just be courteous and let us know. We may have lost some time speaking with you and generating invoices etc… but we can cope with that. It’s at the point that you pay for your service that our efforts really step up. Once paid for, we start looking at getting the job done. This means constantly checking the weather, obtaining any relevant flight permissions, keeping our batteries charged and ready to go, keeping you updated on our progress, commencing our health & safety checks and ultimately keeping other customers waiting. If you decide to cancel for any reason at this point, then that’s also fine. However, we will only refund you 50% of monies paid, to help cover some of the costs incurred up until this point. If you cancel our services at the very last minute, that's with 2 days or less notice, then we reserve the right to retain all of the monies paid. But we will deal with this on a case-by-case basis. Very rarely, AI Drone Photography may have to cancel a booking for a whole host of reasons, at which point you would obviously receive a 100% refund. Most importantly, we're certainly not here to rip anyone off. We are hard working professionals and our time costs money, and our equipment costs even more money. We have excellent credentials and the services we provide offer fantastic results. We offer a refund policy because we are an understanding and honest company. But we really do have to retain a 50% adminstration fee ons some occassions, because the amount of preparation work that goes on behind-the-scenes for each and every flight is phenomenal. We've had to include a formal policy on our Terms & Conditions page in order to protect our business interest, but please be reassured, that refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and this policy can be subject to change for each case.

Why can’t I pay on the website?

We assess, agree and approve all bookings before they are accepted. There is no point paying for a service if we are simply unable to complete it for you. That would just lead to a refund and customer disappointment. So only once all parties have agreed to accept the booking, will an invoice be generated and sent over to you. The invoice will tell you exactly how you can pay. You will struggle to find a more flexible drone company than us! The invoice can be paid all in one go, or by installments, but once the full payment has been received, we’ll set about completing your job ASAP. Additionally, all our services show the "From" price. This is because every job generally differs in its complexity and requirements. Rest assured, the majority can be completed at the base price, but some may attract additional costs. For residential photography for example, you may live in a detached property in the middle of the countryside - easy peasy. But you could also live in a terraced property with overhead electricity cables, near an airport and outside our standard geographical area - this would require a suitably skilled pilot, additional authorities to fly and may attract a slightly higher price. But we pride ourselves on being open & honest with our customers from the outset. We will always make the price clear from the start, and we will never subsequently ask for more or try to hide additional fees. We are a trusted professional company.

Drone Questions

Aren’t drones just glorified flying toys?

Not at all. The camera drones that we use are classed as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). They are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and those who fly them are referred to as pilots. We have to abide by Aviation Law, and if we break the rules, then we can be subjected to criminal prosecution. Additionally, the drones we use are complex machines and are very expensive. Do we have fun flying them? Of course we do. But they’re far from toys.

Can you go higher than 400 feet?

This is the height permitted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and should be sufficient for almost all drone services. We don't usually go higher because we will start entering the same airspace as small airplanes and helicopters. If your job requires us to go higher, then we can apply for an Operational Safety Case (OSC) from the CAA. There is no promise that the CAA would allow us to go higher and these services would be at an added cost. If you really need us to go high, then let us know.

What is your safety record?

We have crashed and/or damaged 0 (ZERO) drones 😀. We plan on keeping it this way! That’s why we use brand new equipment and conduct rigorous pre and post-flight checks on every occasion.

General Questions

What geographical areas do you cover?

We are based in Wrexham, North Wales. We can cover most of North Wales and the North West of England. These are just some of the areas that we cover as part of our standard pricing schemes: Wrexham Town & Wrexham County Borough + surrounding areas Mold Ruthin Llangollen Chester Ellesmere Port The Wirral Liverpool & Merseyside St Helens Widnes Runcorn Warrington Frodsham & Helsby Northwich Crewe Nantwich We will consider any other areas too. We are flexible with our travel arrangements and you may find that places only slightly further than the above may be covered under our standard prices. However, we may have to charge more to go further afield. As always, we will make this clear from the outset before accepting the job booking.

What services do you offer?

We take pictures and videos from the sky. Our drones can work from the ground, up to 400ft (122m). Once we have the raw footage, we also professionally edit the photos and videos. Customers can also supply extra photos/videos to be included in any edits if they so wish. Below are just some of the ideas where we think that our drone services are useful: Residential imaging Business premises imaging Roof inspections Promotional videos for businesses Building site / Progress surveys (Before & Afters) Events (weddings, parties, etc…) Personal videos (climbing, mountain biking, etc…) Ultimately, our drone services can be used anywhere you need some footage from the sky. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Can you take an aerial image of my residential/commercial property?

In 99.9% of cases, yes we can take amazing aerial images of your property! However, for those who live directly beside airports and nuclear power stations (for example), then we may have to decline your request. This is why we don’t ask customers to part with their cash on the website. Each and every request is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We assess each job from a Health & Safety perspective before accepting any booking.

I have an urgent job request, can you help?

Of course we can! However, we’re not always available at a moment’s notice for drone work. Also, despite the urgency of your request, the weather needs to be kind to us too. We will always consider same-day and next-day jobs on a case-by-case basis, just get in touch. Urgent work may attract additional costs, but again, we will be open and honest with you from the outset before accepting any booking.

How do I contact you?

Take your pick: Website - contact form or online instant chat. Facebook - message or instant chat via Messenger Twitter - direct message Email - We hope that you will have access to at least one of the above. All of these methods are available on mobile devices too, which means that we can keep in touch whenever or wherever we are. Unfortunately, we don’t have a phone number for you to contact. We can’t always answer our phones, and no one likes to leave a voicemail. So we have decided to leave phones out of the equation for now. If you'd really prefer a phone call, then please leave your number, and we'll call you as soon as we can.

What do you actually do when you turn up at a job?

You probably don't realise how much work goes into each and every flight, it's the boring behind-the-scenes stuff which we pride ourselves on. We are qualified pilots and meterological experts. So before we even set off to you, we will have checked the weather thoroughly, studied the aviation charts and local airspace, obtained any relevant authorities from Air Traffic Control or the Police, planned our launch site and completed our safety checks to ensure our drone is in perfect condition. Once we arrive, we will generally find a quiet and safe spot nearby where we can fly our drone safely and in accordance with the law, away from other people so that the pilot can concentrate. We will conduct a Health & Safety assessment and our pre-flight checks, before conducting the flight and obtaining amazing aerial images for you. We will meet up with you if we need to and discuss the job. Once finished, we will conduct our post-flight checks, pack up our equipment and leave without a trace. We will then edit the footage to perfection and be in touch with you ASAP. In many cases, you don't even need to be present. And if you are, then you don't even have to speak to us unless you want to. But if you do see us, then please remember, we both love Tea or Coffee with one sugar :-)

When will I get my photos?

We aim to get all edited and finalised aerial photos to the customer within 5 days of the drone flight. These will be digital copies which we’ll tell you how to download via email when they’re ready. If it has been agreed to provide the images on a USB pen, please allow extra time for postage.

When will I get my video?

We aim to get all edited and finalised aerial video to the customer within 7 days of the drone flight. This will depend on the length of the requested video and the amount of raw footage collected during the flight. Short commercial videos are often ready in a much shorter time frame. Whereas wedding videos can take a lot longer, for example. We also offer customers the option to send us other photos/videos to be included during the editing phase. We obviously need those before we even start the editing process, so that can impact the time taken. You will usually receive your video via an online cloud storage link. If it has been agreed to provide the video on a USB pen, please allow extra time for postage.

What if I have a special request?

Then please just let us know. You will struggle to find a more flexible drone company than us. We will try and accommodate anything you want. You want to be in the garden waving? You want specific angles of the property? You want to include a special photo at the start of your video? Just let us know, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Can you print and frame my aerial photo?

We don’t generally offer this service as standard. We are not a printing company, nor are we professional framers. There are just so many options too. The size of the print, glossy or matte, which shape frame?... it’s a minefield out there. We generally provide Ultra High Definition 4K digital photos for you to print and frame however you wish. You don’t even need to print them at all, you may just wish to share them on social media. But if you know exactly what you want, if it’s a present for someone, if you really want the hassle taken out of your hands, then let us know, and we’ll see what we can do 😀.

My house is semi-detached, will you still be able to photograph it?

Yes, we regularly photo semi-detached and terraced houses. We will assess all jobs individually and 99% of the time we will be able to capture the images you want. In the unlikely event that we cannot get the highest quality images for you, we may need to decline the job.

Do you offer night shoots?

Yes! Due to a recent change in permissions allowed by the CAA, we are authorised and capable to offer night flights. As always, these flights are dependant on the conditions and location, so get in touch and we’ll do our best for you. Night flights present a different and exciting filming challenge for us, but the results can be amazing.

Can I surprise someone with a photo of their house without them knowing?

Well, yes and no. If it's a high altitude shot you're after, then we'd be able to do that for you. But even then, our drones aren't exactly invisible, nor silent. If you want us to get up close and personal and grab a really beautiful shot of the premises, then we would need the permission of the owner, and to provide the necessary safety advice to abide by our legal responsibilities. In these cases, we would always recommend you to buy them a voucher instead. You can buy them from the Services section of our site. They really are great value for money. This way, your lucky recipient can tell us exactly what they want and when they want it 😊

Your prices are very competitive.....

Yes, we think so too. But it's not simply a case of undercutting the competition. We have carefully assessed the services that we offer and how much it costs us to deliver them. We then charge the customer a price which we feel is very fair, appropriate and affordable. Perfection doesn't have to cost the earth. We all generally use the same equipment and produce the same results. But at AI Drone Photography, we feel that we do things differently. We are hard working professionals with excellent credentials. We pride ourselves in our openness and honesty, along with the way in which we communicate with and show flexibility to our customers. The way in which we go about our work has been recognised internationally and we sincerely believe that we are the best drone aerial imaging company in the area. Our long term goal is to become the best and most approachable drone company in the country.

Why choose us?

Because perfection doesn't have to cost the earth! All drone companies generally use similar equipment and produce similar results but at AI Drone Photography, we feel that we do things very differently. We are hard working professionals with excellent credentials. We pride ourselves in our openness and honesty, along with the way in which we communicate with and show flexibility to our customers. The way in which we go about our work has been recognised internationally, and we sincerely believe that we are the best drone aerial imaging company in the area. Our long term goal is to become the best and most approachable drone company in the country. Please view our About Us page and we really do look forward to working with you.

Licensing & Legal

Do you have a Drone Pilot’s License?

Of course we do. Both Andrew and Ian have attended a Drone Pilot course, nationally recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority. They are both meterological & avaiation experts, and they even passed the final flight test! Please be assured, AI Drone Photography have some of the best, most professional and experienced drone pilots in the country.

Are you registered with the Civil Aviation Authority?

Yes, we hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) certificate, authorised and issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means that the CAA are happy that we are qualified and safe pilots, we abide by aviation law, our drones are safely maintained, and we hold a professional Operations Manual to make sure that each and every one of our flights is amazing. The PfCO allows us to perform work for customers in congested areas.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured. We wouldn’t dare fly our drones without it. Our equipment is covered, and we can have up to £10m of public liability cover. If you require more than £1m of public liability, please just let us know at the time of booking.

Are you allowed to take photos from the sky?

Yes. No one owns the airspace or sky above your house or business. We will assess each job according to our comprehensive Operations Manual. This involves considering aviation law as well as everybody’s Health & Safety, including our own! There are some places where we are simply not allowed to fly or take pictures, but as always, we will tell you that from the start if that’s the case.

What about people’s privacy?

We understand that this can be a concern to some people. We will always give you some notice before we attend to complete your job. This will usually be done by email so that we can include a little bit of extra information. We will always advise you to let your neighbours know that we’re coming, and we may personally brief anybody within 50 metres of your premises. We will keep the drone flight as short as possible, so as not to cause any annoyance to anybody in the area. Ultimately, it is you, the customer, who has paid for the service, so we will be trying to get the very best picture/video of your property. We’re not interested in photographing the neighbours. Furthermore, our drone is fitted with a wide-angled lens, so from up above, it is very difficult to determine people's faces, for example. Rest assured, every one of our drone flights is perfectly legal and we ensure that no-one's privacy is invaded.

My Booking

Is my booking guaranteed?

Not until all parties have agreed that the job can be completed safely, the booking accepted and invoice generated. Even then, if we turn up and decide that the flight would be unsafe, we always hold the right to refuse a job and cancel a booking on safety grounds. However, once a booking has been accepted, over 99% of them will go ahead without a hitch, with amazing results.

When can you complete my job?

We aim to complete all jobs within 3 weeks of the booking being accepted by all parties. However, the majority will be much quicker than this! The weather is our biggest nemesis. We will not fly our drone in the rain or in high winds, it’s just not safe. We also try to avoid dark grey miserable days, because we want you to have the best and brightest aerial images. We’ll always keep in touch with you about when your job will be completed.

What time/day will you attend my job?

This varies a lot! We are generally available 8am-11pm 7 days a week. Yes, that includes Saturday and Sunday at no extra cost! But we try not to promise a specific date or time for our attendance. Weather is our biggest nemesis, and this is clearly more challenging throughout the seasons. We will always contact you and give as much notice as we can before attending to complete a job. But we may literally have to rush out during a one hour dry spell to get the job done while the sun’s out. If we committed to specific dates/times, it would only lead to more weather cancellations and customer disappointment. On the other hand, if you definitely want to specify a date and time for us to attend, then that’s fine. We can agree one and we won’t pester you in the meantime. However, please understand that when it comes to that date and time, if the weather is unsafe, we will have to reschedule. Furthermore, we understand that sometimes, specific dates and times are essential eg. weddings 😀

What if I’m not ready for you to attend?

Then simply tell us. You will struggle to find a drone company more flexible than us! You will always receive some prior warning to us attending, this will usually be by email, as it allows us to fit more information in. If you’re simply not ready for us to complete the job, because you haven’t finished tidying the garden for example, then just let us know. As long as we haven’t set off towards your property, drone in hand, then we will postpone it, no problems, no fee. However, if we receive no such contact from yourself, then the job may go ahead as planned and that will be considered as completed at that point.

Do I have to be present when you come to complete the job?

Sometimes. For weddings, it’s usually very helpful if you turn up 😀. For residential properties, you don’t normally have to be present. Even if you are present, you may not even realise that we’ve been and completed the job. We try not to disturb you and generally don’t come knocking on your door. This sometimes prevents the urge to go in the garden for a peek, or press your face against the window, which always ruins a great photo 😀. We will generally find a quiet and safe spot nearby where we can fly our drone safely and in accordance with the law, away from other people so that the pilot can concentrate. For commercial/business property, it's usually important to meet with at least the security staff. If there's other staff on site, especially outdoors, then we may have to brief them too. We’re never offended if you just tell us not to bother you and get on with the job in hand. But at the same time, if you’re in and know we’re there, then we both love tea or coffee, milk, one sugar 😀.

Do I have to provide electricity points for you?

Not really. We currently have enough battery power for 1 hour of drone footage. In the event of a large job or event such as a wedding, we may ask for a charging point, but we would let you know well in advance.